We have several tutoring programs to choose from, and we highly encourage each family to pursue the program that is the best fit for their needs and values. Each program is highly customizable, because we understand that every student is different, and must have a program that meets his/her needs. Each program will be based on the student’s cognitive profile and unique learning style.


Making the decision to leave the public school system and pursue a home education can be challenging and intimidating, to say the least. Many parents find themselves searching for curriculums on the Internet, which tends to leave them with more questions and doubts than solutions. We understand these frustrations, which is why we utilize the expertise of our Home Education Consultant, Kathryn Porter, M.S., in constructing customized education plans for our homeschooled students.

Kathryn Porter is an educational consultant who uses her savvy in writing, public speaking, and media relations to advocate for families with special needs. Dedicated to helping families of children with unique learning differences, she specializes in outside-the-box homeschooled students. As a creative problem solver, she partners with parents and Early Life professionals in offering solutions to educational challenges. A good listener, she values parental input in developing customized educational plans that include goal setting and curriculum recommendations. For more detailed information about Kathryn Porter, please refer to her résumé here.

We offer two types of consultations, detailed below:


This consultation includes a highly detailed, customized education plan, and a meeting to fully discuss the plan and answer any questions.


This consultation also includes a highly detailed, customized education plan, a meeting to fully discuss the plan and answer any questions, as well as specific goal setting and monthly check-ins for the duration of the school year. This is our most commonly chosen consultation, as it includes invaluable assistance throughout the school year.

How We’re Different

We understand that with all of the educational options available to parents and students, our tutoring programs must fulfill the diverse needs of our community. Our tutors are able to assist students who are attending public schools, private schools, who are concurrently enrolled, and who are being homeschooled. Early Life’s tutoring services must be as diverse and unique as our students.


Our highly experienced and trained tutors are available to assist you and your child throughout your home education adventure, providing exceptional academic and cognitive tutoring. We can accommodate unique homeschool schedules, and lend critical structure and focus so your child can achieve their goals.

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